Our Amazing Team!

Don Ewert,           Proprietor/Service Provider

Don is the proprietor, as well as a full time service provider, for BWFS.  He spent 27 years working in hospital health care, first as a speech-language pathologist, and then working in a variety of management/leadership positions, including most recently 12 years in the Veterans Care Program at Parkwood Hospital.  During that time Don worked extensively with seniors and their families, as well as gaining an in-depth understanding of the integrated health care system in southwestern Ontario.  He founded BWFS in October of 2017 in response to concerns he had about the way in which care to seniors was currently being delivered, both in institutional and private residential settings.


Colleen Ruthig, Service Provider

Colleen has been involved in various roles as a health care provider for over 25 years.  She began her career with the Red Cross first providing direct care and then as a supervisor, as well as Occupational Health & Safety Adviser.  She has also worked as an Activities Coordinator in a long term care setting, and as the Public Education Coordinator for the Alzheimer Society of Perth County.  Colleen also created and operated her own business providing housekeeping services in the St. Marys area


Penny Arratoon, Service Provider

Penny joined the BWFS team in July of 2018.  After a 25 year career in management and quality control, she made a decision to follow her passion for caring for seniors in their homes.  After caring for her own parent for a 2 year period, Penny became a regular volunteer visitor at a local long term care facility, and saw working with BWFS as a great way to connect with seniors in all aspects of their lives; Penny finds great joy in knowing the services she provides are helping seniors continue to live well in the homes they love.



Jozsef Helter, Service Provider

The BWFS team welcomed Jozsef in November of 2018.  Don had the privilege of working with Jozsef for many years in the Veterans Care Program, where Jozsef distinguished himself with his dedication, compassion, patience, humour and incredible work ethic.  He brings 16 years of experience as a former RPN to his current role, and rumour has it he makes an incredible Hungarian goulash!


Michele Rourke, Service Provider

With 28 years of hands-on experience in providing assistance to a wide range of individuals needing support in their activities of daily living, BWFS welcomed Michele to the team in November of 2018.  Michele has extensive experience working with Community Living in St. Marys and area, together with many years providing a variety of services to Kingsway Lodge.   She is very hardworking and energetic, and loves to bring fun to everything she does!


Melinda McCauley, Service Provider

We welcomed Melinda to our team in January of 2019.  Melinda comes to us with 11 years experience as a PSW, both with Community Living St. Marys, as well as Cheshire Homes London.  During that time she had the privilege of supporting people with mental and physical disabilities to live meaningful, fulfilling lives within their community by assisting them with all aspects of daily living, while still striving to keep them as independent as possible. Melinda brings an infectious positive attitude to all her care!


Margaret Pierce, Service Provider

Margaret joined our team in January of 2019, and in addition to her 8 years experience working as a health care aide and PSW (which included all aspects of personal care, feeding, bathing, toileting, transfers), she was also the proud owner of a Bed & Breakfast in St. Marys, Ontario for 17 years.  Margaret brings the same spirit that made her so successful in both those roles, to each client she cares for with BWFS, and her kindness and compassion shine through each day!


Sandra Dalzell, Service Provider

With over 20 years experience as both a a Health Care Aide and an RN in a variety of settings, as well as owning and operating her own Bed & Breakfast in Panama, Sandra brings a wealth of experience of all kinds to our team, since joining us in January of 2019.  She has a passion for helping people of all ages to fulfill their potential, and can quickly set them at ease with her warm, caring approach!


Denise Dunsmore, Service Provider

After a very successful career in customer service in the insurance industry, Denise joined BWFS team in March 2019 out of a desire to serve others and support them to be able to live well in their communities.  Her cheerful disposition and kind, caring approach quickly brighten each client relationship.  In addition to a love of working with flowers and plants, she has also greatly enjoyed volunteering with the Canadian Cancer Society, a rich experience which has prepared her well for her current role with BWFS!


Kim Ulch, Service Provider

Kim joined the BWFS team in April 2019.  She brings an incredible wealth of experience in caring for others in their homes, with 28 years experience as a support worker for Community Living, and a Personal Support Worker for One Care. She is a dedicated and supportive team player with strong communications and interpersonal skills, who enjoys continually learning new skills, problem solving, and taking on new challenges.  She has extensive volunteer experience, most recently with Perth Hospice where she has been giving of her time and talents since 2016.


Trish Sawatzky, Service Provider

We welcomed Trish to the BWFS team in June 2019.  With over 20 years experience as a PSW caring directly for seniors, as well as adults with physical and intellectual disabilities, Trish is well suited to take on a great variety of situations where support is needed in clients’ homes.  Over the years she has been involved in a volunteer capacity with numerous organizations in a variety of roles, which further illustrates her generous, caring spirit and amazing energy level.  She loves to be active, and current interests include running, cycling, walking, golf, cooking and baking.



Marlene Weston, Service Provider

Marlene has been with us since August of 2019.  After working at the local library for almost 30 years, Marlene was not ready to simply “retire”.  Having been a personal caregiver for years for a family member, and having had 2 grandparents with dementia, Marlene knew she had a lot to offer clients and families who were challenged to keep living well in their homes.  When she is not giving her time and talents to caring for others, you will find her volunteering at the local hospital.  We welcome her caring spirit and infectious laugh!


Susan Christie, Service Provider

Susan joined our team in September 2019.  In addition to many years of providing personal care to a close family member, Susan brings a rich history of service to others, whether it be in her church community, hospice volunteer, catering to the food needs of groups large and small, expanding the minds of children and adults through her work in library services, or serving as a workshop facilitator, to name just a small sample.  Her passion is to “share of my time to create a positive and caring environment for clients, created with their needs and desires in mind”.


Darlene Bakker, Service Provider

In October of 2019 Darlene joined our team of care providers.  As a PSW she has worked with adults and children, both in clients’ homes as well as in long term care.  She brings a very rich and extensive range of skills and experiences, including working with intellectual disabilities, providing foot care, and experience as a dietary aide.  Darlene says that ever since she was a child “I grew up in a family of nurses and have always had a passion to help those in need.”  We are so glad she has chosen to bring that passion to our team!


Sheri Gilhula, Service Provider

Sheri became part of our provider team in January of 2020.  Having begun her health care career as a care aide, Sheri went on  to work extensively with the Alzheimer Societies of both Guelph-Wellington (Executive Director) as well as Perth County (First Link/Education Coordinator).  She has trained many families and caregivers in a variety of skills including Gentle Persuasive Approach, Positive Approach to Care, and Montessori Methods for Dementia.  She has worked with many seniors and their families to assess their needs, provide training and education, and develop effective plans with them to best meet their needs.  Welcome Sheri!


Helen Ens, Service Provider

Helen joined our team in July of 2020.  She has provided supportive, compassionate care to adult clients with diagnoses of Alzheimers and other dementias, acquired brain injury, and mental and physical disabilities, just to name a few.  She is self motivated, efficent under pressure and able to maintain a positive attitude in very challenging situations, while maintaining a pleasant and cheerfull disposition.  So glad to have you with us, Helen!


Wendy Ewert, Service Provider, Administrator

Wendy has always shared Don’s passion for caring for seniors, and has been his greatest supporter every step of the way.  She brings the personal experience of having cared for her own parent, and believes that every senior deserves the opportunity to make their own choices about how they want to live their lives at home.


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