One of the questions I get asked most frequently is “So what kinds of things do you do for people?” In a recent 7-day stretch, here are some of the less typical activities that made the list:

·        Brushing a dog and clipping her foot hair and toenails

·        Baking bread for Easter gifts

·        Making custom Easter cards using photos I took of the client’s farm

·        Watching the Canadian Senior Curling championship live in Stratford

·        Splitting and stacking firewood at a cottage near Bayfield

·        Keeping a senior company while they stayed in Emerg for several hours

·        Walking around the river in Stratford

·        Getting to read part of a life story being written by a client

·        Feeding llamas

·        Collecting eggs from a chicken coop

·        Helping a client colour in their adult colouring book

·        Sharing a coffee break that featured the world’s largest date squares, in New Hamburg

·        Sharing a senior’s kitchen as we jointly made her favorite hamburger soup (5 years ago her husband died, and a friend brought her this soup so she wouldn’t have to cook – – she got the recipe, and every time she makes the soup she honours his memory

·        Sharing the fears and frustrations of a client and his spouse as they come to grips with his recent increased frequency of falls, and at the same time being inspired by their resilience as they resolve to celebrate what he still CAN do, instead of getting too focused on losses

What a blessing to be able to support seniors determined to live each day to its fullest!