Dec. 11/17

I want to introduce you to an awesome resource I’ve discovered that has dozens of very well written posts on a whole variety of subjects related to seniors and their families.  The website is, and is the internet home of an agency based in 4 large centers in Alberta and Ontario, providing a wide range of services to seniors in their homes.  I’ve gone back over their postings for the last 18 months, and have compiled a linked list of the articles on my website ( to make it easier for you to find.

Given that it is getting more wintry out, and many seniors are feeling less inclined to be out and about, I thought it was timely to highlight one of their articles entitled “Top 5 online activities for seniors”.  This one looks at how activities such as online games, senior-specific websites, blogging, online courses, and YouTube can be a rich source of stimulation, creativity, socialization and recreation, and gives some specific examples geared for seniors.  Have a read, think of someone you know who may not be getting out as much as they would like, and try out one or more of the suggestions with them!