Jan. 13/18

In my Jan. 8 blog on dignity, I offered this definition:   “the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect”.  Some of the amazing family caregivers out there are sure worthy of our honour and respect for what they give of themselves in the process of caring for seniors…here is a powerful example I received recently from an incredible daughter:

“I was the sole care taker of my Mom when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer…. I had already uprooted my children, moved in with her, stopped working and provided her with her wish to pass at home. She refused care from agencies, as she felt her privacy was being invaded…It truly was a beautiful experience to be with her at every moment, and I did provide all aspects of care. Including cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, driving to appointments, nursing, sleeping very little to none…and providing nursing care and aiding with all aspects of daily living.  I aspired to be everything to everyone. A wonderful mother to my sons, a loving daughter that my mother would be proud of and a live in nurse. I wouldn’t change it for the world, but I cannot lie that it was challenging at times, and I often wondered if I had the strength to play so many roles in life and death for my mother and my children. God bless my mother and so many people that choose to live at home and pass away at home.”

Sometimes these unbelievable daughters and sons don’t feel very worthy of honour and respect because they want to be their best at ALL moments for ALL the roles they are trying to fill…please help me remind them that what makes them worthy of dignity is the loving sacrifice they are making day after day…just BEING there with whatever they have to give that day…period. Let them know how precious they are.