I had to share this lovely story from one of my senior clients this week. She has a beautiful golden retriever who is her constant companion, and who generally tries to keep my client near him as much as possible for “safekeeping”. In fact, whenever the client and I go anywhere in the car, even to doctors’ appointments, she always asks if her dog can come along, and of course, he always does!

This past weekend my client had overnight company for a couple of days, including young grandchildren. She has a large rambling farmhouse with several bedrooms upstairs, although she (and the dog and 2 cats) sleep in a bedroom on the main floor. Clearly her dog was torn in his loyalties, because my client described how each night her dog would come to her when she was getting into bed, put his face up to hers, and “kiss” her with his nose repeatedly (something he doesn’t otherwise do) and then trot upstairs to sleep with the grandchildren. She was convinced he was feeling guilty because “he knew he was supposed to be in my room!” Who says a dog’s life is easy??!!