Nov. 25/17

Yesterday I was “tweaking” the interview questionnaire I use when meeting with prospective new service providers. Having spent more than 20 years in hospital settings conducting interviews for health care providers, I know how challenging it can be to select the best possible candidates. I know the questionnaire is only 1 part of the process of verifying that someone will be a good “fit”, but given that each provider I select is my personal representative of the provider agency I have created, the stakes somehow feel even higher than in the past.

If only there was one or two “perfect” questions one could pose that were guaranteed to make it absolutely clear whether someone is the right person for the role! Since this “holy grail” of hiring is unlikely to exist, I will, like so many others in a similar situation, need to rely heavily on the references and recommendations the person provides. If you are ever asked by someone to provide a reference for a position they are applying for, especially when they are planning to work with the most vulnerable in society, please know that those of us looking to hire those individuals are counting on you to help us make the best possible decision!