Dec. 5/17

Today I had the privilege of interviewing someone for the position of care provider with Better Ways For Seniors.  This applicant possessed skills and abilities that I very much would like to have personally for building up this agency, but which I currently do not have to the same degree as her.  So I was faced with the option of approaching the interview feeling “intimidated” by what I saw as a gap in my own desired knowledge and experience, or approaching it with a feeling of gratitude for being blessed to have such great applicants interested in being part of what we are creating.

Fortunately, I chose the second option, and as a result, I am happily one step closer to surrounding myself with the best possible team.  One of my treasured mentors, David Hogan (co-artistic director at Victoria Playhouse Petrolia,) insists that as a leader it is essential to build a team of people around you whose strengths are in areas other than yours, so that they can free you up to focus all your energies on those things that you do best.  If the incredible success of this theater in recent years is any indication, I will be well advised to keep following his advice!