Jan. 2/18
I want to take this opportunity to do a shout out to Partners in Employment (PIE) in Perth County…they have been an amazingly supportive and helpful organization throughout these past weeks as I have started to put together the team of care providers committed to making a difference in the lives of seniors in Huron and Perth. What started out as a simple conversation with Executive Director Deb Hotchkiss at a networking breakfast at the River Valley Golf and Country Club has resulted in an incredible source of candidates for Better Ways For Seniors. Deb and her staff take the time to get to know their clients, and carefully match them up with the employers that will best help those clients fulfill their employment goals.
Although I have had people from other sources express some interest in applying to join our team, it is PIE that has directly or indirectly referred over 90% of the individuals I’ve interviewed. I would happily have offered every one of those candidates a place on my team. I am proud and grateful to be a part of Perth County where that is the kind of support you can expect, whether you are a prospective candidate, or the one looking to add to your team!