Dec 2/17

In my last 2 blogs I’ve been sharing with you why I chose the particular logo I have for Better Ways For Seniors…So far I have touched on the themes of “strength” and “balance”, and in the last 2 I will highlight lifelong growth, and connection to the natural environment.

Lifelong growth and learning—The green leaf perched atop the stones is a reminder that lifelong personal growth is a mindset…growing older CAN be measured in years if you choose to, but I much prefer the company of seniors who choose to keep expanding who they are and what they are interested in, and who don’t pay much attention to what chronological age they have reached.  These seniors continue to inspire me with new and surprising ways to grow, to evolve and to “become” whatever they want to be.  In a recent blog I mentioned doing fall cleanup for a senior at her cottage; what I didn’t tell you is that she didn’t have time to do it herself because she was too busy traveling to Ottawa to sit in the House of Commons as her colleague presented to government on the plight of child poverty, a campaign that this amazing senior has recently traveled all across Canada to promote…all that at the age of 89!  It is up to those of us who live with and serve seniors to learn from their example and stay ever “green”.