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Fullscreen Video/Image Slider And YouTube Shortcode

We have Added two new shortcodes for the users of WordPress plugin “TemplatesNext Toolkit”. “YouTube” shortcode to emmbeds responsive YouTube Video in your page, while “Fullscreen Video/image slider” adds full screen video or image slider (Hero Slider) in your page header.

Fullscreen “Video/Image Slider” shortcode must be used in wide layout, this shortcode might not work properly in boxed layout. Go premium to for the most powerful slider.

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i-spirit WordPress Theme

i-spirit, Crafted With Love And Passion

i-spirit is a flexible and powerful multipurpose WordPress theme packed full of custom widgets and easy to use content elements that give you control over your page. i-spirit is also fully responsive, meaning that the design will adapt to mobile phones and tablets for a more intuitive browsing experience. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your new business, then i-spirit is the theme for you.

Features Include

  • Responsive And Retina Ready.
  • CSS3 animations.
  • Revolution Slider.
  • Redux Framework.
  • Google Fonts.
  • And much more…
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i-spirit, The mother of all themes
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No longer being able to drive is a huge loss

Recently a client of mine, 97 years young, has been struggling with the psychological loss of no longer being able to drive.  I am calling it a psychological loss, because in practical terms she stopped driving over 18 months ago, when she was quite ill for a period of time; ever since, she has talked […]
By : don.ewert | May 11, 2018

Why seniors find it hard to ask for help

Just last week the daughter of one of my clients sent me a note, saying “We are struggling with Mum’s short-term memory loss and her general resistance to external help. Is this typical in your experience?” I have to say it IS very common to encounter seniors who are reluctant to accept help that is […]
By : don.ewert | Apr 18, 2018

A week in the life of “Better Ways For Seniors”

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is “So what kinds of things do you do for people?” In a recent 7-day stretch, here are some of the less typical activities that made the list: ·        Brushing a dog and clipping her foot hair and toenails ·        Baking bread for Easter gifts ·        Making custom Easter […]
By : don.ewert | Apr 3, 2018

Does your dog give extra kisses when they feel guilty?

I had to share this lovely story from one of my senior clients this week. She has a beautiful golden retriever who is her constant companion, and who generally tries to keep my client near him as much as possible for “safekeeping”. In fact, whenever the client and I go anywhere in the car, even […]
By : don.ewert | Mar 22, 2018

Dance…your brain will love you for it!

Recently I posted an article about how physical exercise can give you an immediate mood boost, as well as protect your brain long term from decline. We also know that balance is a key concern for seniors; a single fall can be the event that forces a senior to have to stop living independently in their […]
By : don.ewert | Mar 22, 2018

Protect your brain for the rest of your life, from the inside out

In case you need any other reasons to exercise on a regular basis, I heard about more research just today, from neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki (, who has been particularly focused on studying the benefits of exercise on 2 parts of the brain: The pre-frontal cortex (key for decision-making, focus, attention, personality) The temporal lobe/hippocampus (key […]
By : don.ewert | Mar 13, 2018
So proud of you Don Ewert!  You are the perfect person to provide this desperately needed service for seniors and/or assist those people struggling with temporary injuries or challenges.  With 25+ years in the health care industry, you have a depth of experience and expertise that will cope with any situation that arises, with great success.  You are gentle, kind and compassionate and the exact person to replace or assist a family with keeping their loved ones safe and happy in their own home.  I would happily recommend to anyone that I know to try your Better Ways! Laurel, Waterloo,
This program is outstanding, and serves a real need in the community - in several communities!  I know Don Ewert to be an honest, caring man who has a vision to help seniors stay in their own homes, with the help they need.  Please look into Better Ways for Seniors! Nancy, Perth South    ,
In caring for our mother, Better Ways for Seniors respected her wishes for independence and responded empathetically to her desire to remain at home on the farm. As a family, we are indebted to Don Ewart and his colleagues at BWFS for their good-humoured, practical and consistently high level of care and support for our beloved mother.  AR, JL, RL (Middlesex County),
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