Dec. 21/17

I am currently part of a team of caregivers whose efforts are making it possible for a couple, just celebrating 50 years of marriage, who have each just been told that they don’t have long to live, to stay together in their beloved home a little longer.  It is a profoundly moving experience to be allowed to share in that process.  When your care needs are such that you always need at least one person around to assist, there is not a lot of opportunity to have private moments.

One minute I might be cutting up an avocado for their supper meal, and the very next the wife is telling me how she hopes her husband will outlive her, because she does not want to live without him…how she wishes he would relinquish control of the finances, so that if she does in fact live longer than him, that she will have at least some knowledge of how to manage their affairs…meanwhile, the husband sets aside his own shock about how quickly he is deteriorating, so that he can give his wife her insulin treatment, because her hands are no longer steady enough to do it.

I am in awe of the grace with which they are traveling this final journey.  I am humbled to have the opportunity to play some small part…