These days, life is very much about new beginnings for me…in early October I launched my new home care service called Better Ways For Seniors (, with a vision to promote dignity, independence and personal choice for seniors.  We can all do that in various ways–I’ve chosen to lead a team of exceptional, passionate caregivers who share my passion for wanting seniors to have the best possible quality of life, wherever they call “home”.  We are offering a range of non-medical services that I believe will enable us to play our part in this very important endeavour.

I have been so blessed by the seniors that have touched my life, both on a personal and a professional level.  I am very excited to take on this new calling to ensure that we as a just and compassionate society are doing all that we can to celebrate the gift that seniors are and can be in each of our lives, if we embrace the opportunity to be in relationships with them.  Starting today, I will be starting the adventure of daily blogging, so that you can join me on this journey.  There’s room for all of you to be a part!