Recently a client of mine, 97 years young, has been struggling with the psychological loss of no longer being able to drive.  I am calling it a psychological loss, because in practical terms she stopped driving over 18 months ago, when she was quite ill for a period of time; ever since, she has talked about how she is going to drive again “once the weather is better”, but having now gone through all 4 seasons, it is clear that was not the issue.  It is my sense she already realized on some level that she no longer had the ability to drive safely, but wouldn’t allow herself to admit it to others.  She has had us and family to take her wherever she needs to go over that time period, but it wasn’t until her own car, which her family was using to give her rides, broke down on the road and was pronounced unrepairable, that she finally had to come to grips with the reality that she would never drive again herself. As someone whose first driving experiences were as as ambulance driver in the Second World War almost 80 years ago, being able to make her own choice to drive whenever she wanted to is a huge loss for her.  This post goes out today to all of you who are helping your mother or father go through this grieving process, and wishing you much wisdom, patience, grace and empathy.