Nov. 27/17

To act with compassion toward seniors, or anyone for that matter, one has to be able to experience empathy for them…the ability to put yourself in their shoes…while we commonly think that “some people are just more empathetic than others”, I would encourage you to check out author/speaker/trainer Marie Miyashiro ( Marie reassures us that all of us can become more skilled in the area of empathy, with a bit of practice.

Miyashiro says that before we can feel empathy for others, we have to learn to have empathy for ourselves—to be able to notice what we are thinking, what stories we are telling ourselves, and what emotions we are feeling as we tell ourselves those stories about our own beliefs and values. She suggests taking 3 slow, deep breaths as a great way to slow our nervous system down enough that we can experience that awareness. Once we become more aware, and more compassionate toward ourselves, we are then in the right frame of mind to show compassion and empathy toward others. Start practicing today!