Dec. 18/17
Yesterday I had the opportunity to be in the audience at an amazing rendition of “A Christmas Carol” at Thamesview United Church in Fullarton. I was surprised to find that the story took on new meaning for me in the context of the new role that I am in, providing services to seniors.  While I certainly have not had the experience of meeting any Scrooge-like clients to date, I have found that like Scrooge inquiring of the ghost of Christmas Present, seniors often wonder whether they will see another Christmas after the current one.

For the most part, it has been my experience that seniors are great teachers about how to live in the present moment. Because they may perceive their futures as being relatively uncertain, and perhaps because of a lifetime of becoming wiser, they seem to become a  increasingly adept at living each day for what that day can offer.  This Christmas, try to be open to receiving that gift from the seniors around you!