Dec. 13/17

Over the last couple of days I have been doing a lot of communicating back and forth with folks from the local media outlets in Perth and Huron counties, as I look for help putting together my initial marketing campaign to get the word out about Better Ways For Seniors.  They are all still dealing with the aftermath of the closures of numerous small papers arising out of the recent deal reached between PostMedia Network and Metroland Media, and I am busy trying to figure out how best to cover this region with a coordinated effort.  

When I was writing my first paragraph above I originally found myself typing “newspapers” instead of media outlets, but then quickly reflected on how little of the current strategy for getting the word out actually has to do with newspapers.  Facebook, website, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, word of mouth, phonebook (some of you will know what those are…); it’s overwhelming to say the least…deep breath Don, deep breath…actually you can help me out–I invite you to answer this one-question/very unscientific survey by responding to this post–what would be the VERY FIRST PLACE you would go if you were looking for homecare services for a senior?  I will tally up your responses and report back to you day after tomorrow!