Nov. 26/17

Anyone who has ever started their own business knows that there are a million things that have to get done in order to successfully launch, and then grow, that business. And as an entrepreneur coach recently reminded me, “as a business owner, YOU have to do everything!” So it came as a wonderful gift when today’s random suggested podcast from Podbean was an episode of CBC’s “Tapestry” program entitled “Procrastination 101″. Host Mary Hines was interviewing clinical psychologist Mary Lamia (, who was discussing the 2 main styles people have of getting things done–the task-driven person, and the procrastinator.

What was so refreshing was to hear Lamia advocate eloquently for the often maligned and misunderstood style known as procrastination. As one who subscribes to that particular approach, I was relieved to hear that research indicates there are only 2 factors that determine success in completing a task–whether it was completed by the deadline, and whether the work done reflects the person’s best efforts. People who miss deadlines and blame it on being a “procrastinator” fail to realize that procrastination was not the root cause; rather it was the fact that the deadline intimidated them instead of motivating them.

So here’s to your success…whatever road you take to get there…just get it done in your own way, and make sure it reflects the best of who you are!