How are you charged for the services we provide?

In general, all the services that we provide are charged at an hourly rate of $31.00* plus HST**.  A minimum of 1 hour per visit is required. If we are providing a service that includes building materials, hardware etc., we will simply charge you what the materials cost us to purchase, with no markup.

At times you may ask us to provide you with transportation (eg. shopping, appointment etc.), or you may send us on an errand on your behalf. For such services, we will keep track of the mileage from your home and back to your home, and this will be charged to you at 54 cents per kilometer.

You may choose to pay us on each visit, or you can choose to be billed monthly. If billed monthly, payment will be due within 30 days of you receiving the invoice. Payment may be made by cash, cheque, money order or through electronic transfer.

* As of January 1, 2023.  For services provided on statutory holidays, a premium may be applied.

**In certain circumstances, you may be exempt from having to pay HST.  Ask us for further details!


Last updated:  January 2023